M&R Chameleon 4/4 Screen printing Press

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With its revolutionary two-tier design, unrivaled expandability, and rugged construction, Chameleon® is without question the world’s best manual screen printing press for sampling and production. And with Chameleon’s two-tier Duo-Deck™ design, four and six-color manual presses can expand to ten colors and eight-color manual presses can expand to fourteen colors, all without expanding the footprint. M&R’s System Integration design allows Chameleon to integrate seamlessly with M&R’s Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System and all M&R automatic screen printing presses to create the most phenomenal registration/sampling/production system available. Cost-effective and easy to use, Tri-Loc can reduce setup time on the press by as much as 95 percent. And Tri-Loc now includes the revolutionary Tri-Sync™ Pallet. The pallet’s contact indicators light up when the screen frame is properly positioned on the press, virtually eliminating operator screen-loading errors.

Chameleon’s expandability also allows manual screen printing shops to meet current color capacity needs with a Chameleon 4, 6, or 8-color press, secure in the knowledge that they can add future color capacity by expanding the Chameleon instead of purchasing a new manual press. And instead of investing in small, manual-only screen frames that can never be used on automatic presses, Chameleon owners can invest in standard frames designed for automatics. When Chameleon-driven shops step up to automatic screen printing, they’re not sitting on thousands of dollars’ worth of frames that have to be replaced. Chameleon even uses the same standard pallets as M&R automatic presses. Interchangeable frames support increased productivity through manual-press sampling, leaving automatic presses free to perform their specialty: high-speed production.

Chameleon features include a machine-tooled and polished 7.62 cm (3”) center shaft, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings, extra-large knobs, micro-registration with dual off-contact adjustment, and tool-free spring tension adjustment. If you have a Chameleon, you don’t just have the most phenomenal manual press ever made, you’ve stepped into the most phenomenal textile screen printing system ever devised. Chameleon manual screen printing press: There’s nothing else like it.

January 21, 2024 5:32 pm

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